Blissville in Unadilla

On Wednesday, October 18th, at 6:30pm, Hank Linhart will present his documentary film, Blissville.

A special souvenir treat from Blissville will be given to each attendee.

“Blissville…An Investigation. This is a video about a remote and overlooked corner of Queens, NY. Blissville is the former name of the town, of about eighty houses – a triangle cut off by physical barriers from the rest of the city. In addition to the world’s largest fortune cookie factory; there is a factory with the exclusive rights for making replicas of the Statue of Liberty; a sushi factory, an Afghan bakery, and a giant car crusher. Through street interviews video maker Hank Linhart investigates the origin of the name of Blissville, and the character(s) of the town.  Along the way we discover a nearby Romani village in the 1930’s. The village was the largest gathering of Romani in the US and was known as the “Gypsy Ellis Island”. The village was razed to make way for a highway to the 1939 World’s Fair. 

Through its dynamic mix of residents and industry Blissville is extremely rich in nationalities, many people on the first rung of immigration. The video is about the tapestry of daily life and the resiliency of a small town in shadows of midtown Manhattan. The vitality of the town speaks to small towns everywhere.

Blissville is more of a ‘docu/poem’ than a documentary. (59:52 – 2017).

The accompanying website encourages the audience to share stories, pictures and video of their town.

Hank Linhart is a media artist who lives in Brooklyn and formerly taught video at NYU, SVA, and Pratt Institute. Previously, he co-produced Fearful Visitation, an experimental documentary about the 1904 General Slocum Disaster in NYC harbor, which until 9/11 was New York’s largest disaster. The video premiered at the NY Historical Society and was aired on several PBS stations.”

New Carts for the Library


Thanks to those who participated in the basket raffle in the end of 2015, and to those local businesses that donated funds, the Library was able to purchase carts and storage bins in April, 2016. The carts and bins are used for organizing LEGOs, Megablocks, and other toys (instead of keeping them in boxes piled up in a corner). Many children have enjoyed pushing a cart to the area where they’re working on LEGO creations. Also, the bins are just the right height to be placed on the floor for preschoolers to reach in during group activities or free-play time.

LEGO Time at the Library starts after the Saturday Morning Movie, but the bins are always accessible, and visitors are welcome to dig in and play any time.

Many thanks to the library friends who made this possible, including Samantha Cole, Becci Cutting (Thirty-One), Cohen and Frazier Construction, Dolores Fogarty, G & A Machining, Great American, Green’s Long River Inn, Hannalore Kennels, Joyce Furniture Store, Sidney Federal Credit Union, Village Variety, Wakeman Construction, and Westcott-Madden Funeral Home.

Holiday Basket Raffle!

A beautiful, festive basket is being raffled off at the Library at 7 pm on Monday, December 21st. It is PACKED FULL of items from local businesses,
valued at over $300!

Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5, and can be purchased at the Library (or through Martha Vanderlip or Linda Nowalk).

The following businesses and individuals contributed toward the basket:
Samantha Cole
Becci Cutting (Thirty-One)
Dolores Fogarty
G & A Machining
Great American
Green’s Long River Inn
Hannalore Kennels
Joyce Furniture Store
Sidney Federal Credit Union
Village Variety
Wakeman Construction
Westcott-Madden Funeral Home